Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not as planned, but glad I went

It turns out the journey to the location of knit night was too much for me physically. It was about a 35 minute drive, and the jostling was not a good thing. I did meet some lovely women, but had to cut short my evening when the consequences of travel made themselves known. Still, I was glad I went. After being hermetish for so very long, it took a certain amount of courage for me to go. And the next time I try will be easier.
I am turning to my fall-back plan. If there is no Wednesday night knit meeting in my own town, I will begin knitting on Wednesday evenings myself, at Bombadil's cafe, only 5 minutes from home.
I know there is at least one Tuesday meeting in Yspilanti, but unfortunately Wednesday evenings are the only ones which work for us. (Oscar is my transport, and he works evenings, except for Wednesday and weekends). Even so, with overtime offers, he cannot take me every Wednesday.
Judging from the way I feel today, it will be more than a week before I am able to venture out again without making myself worse. The first Wednesday in October I have a doctor's appointment which will make me fairly useless for the following few days.. so perhaps Wednesday the 14th.
I cannot make any firm plans. I get sick all the damn time without warning, but if I feel well on the 14th, I will post on Ravelry that I will be there, and what time, and see if I knit alone, or in company. Oscar will likely be there, too.


Zina Lee said...

Oooh, bummer. But a good plan. If the mountain won't come to Mohammed...

Leslie said...

Great idea about Bombadil's, Diana.

Sorry that the trip took the mickey outta you.

Enjoy the venture of finding some like minded people.

Now, post on Ravelry and see if you can find them

AlisonH said...

Glad you got to go. That's the first step. The rest will work out, one way or another, given a bit of time if need be.

Kym said...

Diana -- The first step is the hardest step. . . and you've conquered that one, now! Bravo to you and your courage for getting out there and giving Knit Night a go!!! I hope you recover from your adventure quickly. And what's that lovely knitting in the photo? Love those colors! :-)

Karen said...

Good for you, Diana! I hope you feel better soon. Yes, Kym's right--what's the lovely knitting above? The colors are so pretty! It sure is good to be back home in Michigan and reading your blog again!