Saturday, August 29, 2009

Water Bridges

I am spending some time waiting for my hands to ease up a bit, wandering around the weird physics section of Youtube.
I learned that in 2007, Elmer Fuchs and colleagues in Austria created a 25 mm long water bridge, with the help of an electrical current. Not a bridge over water, a bridge created simply with electricity and water, floating between one beaker and another.
Here are a few cool videos.

This is one of Dr. Fuch's videos, showing the bridge as it is created.

This one, using a laser beam, shows that the water is in fact swirling within the bridge while traveling from one beaker to another

These two were done with a thermgraphic camera by Elmer C. Fuchs also:

I wonder what other bonds electricity can strengthen?
Sci Fi Live! Gotta love it :-}


AlisonH said...

Humming "Bridge Over Troubled Waters..."

Lynn said...

There's a weird physics section of Youtube?

Leslie said...

Kewlio, thanks for sharing this one.

It wouldn't surprise me at all that there is a weird science section on YouTube...

Beverly said...

It is so wonderful to know that there are others like me who find this sort of thing fascinating.