Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Adventures

What I did today (as close as I can get to sequential order, but no guarantees).
-woke up after Oscar left for work.
-called him to say hello and I love you
-made a cherry banana vanilla smoothie with soy protein powder. Pretty yummy. 1/2 left over for an afternoon snack.
-Watched the documentary Chihuly In The Hotshop while knitting (knit on two projects, till the hands gave out). 1/2 the documentary left for later.
-found out my lift chair has been unplugged and was out of juice battery-wise. Realized phone was out of reach. Did a few uncomfortable gymnastics to reach a grabber, which allowed me to unearth the chair's power brick and the extension cord, and mate them again. Whew.
-made it to the bathroom in time. Double Whew.
-read my favorite blogs, and through Karen, found Kym. Good stuff Maynard.
-read my favorite blogs and learned stuff about Lithuanian Symbolism. Good stuff Maynard.
-commented on some Ravelry forums, fixed an error found by a test knitter in my Dragon Butt pattern.
-Contemplated the benefits of a simple braided strap for Alison's Bag. Non-stretchy, easy, narrow enough for the bag. Within 3 rounds of finishing the main part of the bag now.
-Read about sweater construction in "The Knitter's Guide To Sweater Design".
- I'm currently fixing lunch. (veggie patties with green beans and a little cheese)

I've been up about 4 hours now. I think I'll take it easy and knit some more this afternoon.


Leslie said...

It's a Heilan Coo!

AlisonH said...

Our medical clinic's new satellite center has a donated Chihuly structure in the atrium. I've only see pictures so far, but it's not far and it's on my list.

I can't wait to see that bag! Thank you so much!