Friday, August 07, 2009

Garden Bench, for Wheelchairs

One of the nicest things that happened at the gardens was when I encountered a garden bed/bench created for use with a wheelchair. As I rolled up in my motorized chariot, I realized it would be an ok height for a manual wheelchair, but was too short for my chair. I said as much to Oscar (we are planning to build beds when we move to a house with more sunshine for gardening).
One of the people working at Matthei overheard me and came over to ask me for my opinions.

People who know me know I have PLENTY of opinions. I gave him a few quick tips (about the difference in height needed depending on the type of chair, a hook to hang garden tools within reach, using elastic bindings for vines so that they can be pulled down for harvesting, etc.) He gave me his email address and has asked me to send him anything else I think of. I am planning to write a small article on it, perhaps for publication, but at least for his use there at the gardens.

The other photos are: a few shots of a lily, a perennial border planting, some ground cover, a pineapple sage, a cleome, what might be an aster r maybe a variety of blanket flower and a pink zinnia.


Anonymous said...

Of course you know I'm looking at these as you post them, and saving copies of most of them! You have a genius at photographing detail in such a wonderful way, it inspires me every time.

Hugs, Ysabeau

Lynx said...

diana rocks again, helping others that may be too shy to mention "this doesn't work for me". Way to go Miller! :-)

my question: how difficult is it to actually get to the bed shown, with all that grass around it? I know pushing strollers on grass is a pain in the back (ha, thought i was going to type something else didn't you!), i can't imagine that a wheelchair with an adult would be much easier.... even with motorized power, wouldn't it use LESS power with some sort of walkway?