Friday, July 24, 2009

A Walk With Oscar

Today Oscar and I took advantage of his day off combined with pleasant weather and went for a walk. I of course rode my chariot (I really need to come up with a name for my ride).
That's Oscar way up ahead of me on the right. I'd stopped to take a photo and he got away from me. Besides, I like any excuse to let the chair rip at it's highest speed :-}

Even along our very urban area, we have little bits of wild. We saw a ground hog today (not in the photo, he moved his rump too fast and I missed him)

I love how these photos of chicory turned out. Chicory is one of my favorite flowers. It's so very tough, yet so beautiful. One of the tenderest shades of blue-violet.

Some else's hibiscus is blooming in the neighborhood, too.

I loved this morning glory, but it wouldn't stop dancing in the wind long enough to take a sharp photo. Still pretty though.

We plan to walk once or twice a week. We have a good time :-}


Meredith said...

my good friend *Kathleen calls her chair 'The Cripmobile' and is on the hunt for flame stickers to put on it LOL

AlisonH said...

If it's chick-ery, does that mean it has a bird's nest nearby?