Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cables and Lace

I had a really nice day working on the cables-and-lace socks. The stitch pattern was fun, but not too hard, and the merino was lovely and bouncy.
But the yarn I chose was too thin for the needles I chose, and the socks would have worn out within a few weeks, I think.

I am pretty sure I will make a pair from this pattern, but I will use slightly more robust yarn, and the 2.5 mm needles advised. With the 2.5 mm I was spot on for gauge, and the stitch pattern was stretchy enough that I think it would be fine even with my difficult-to-fit feets, it was just the see-through nature of the 3 ply superwash wool stockinette that was the problem.

so the wool will become a shawl, probably.

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