Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finished Eden Scarf

This will be for Ysabeau. I love the sparkle in the Mossyplace! I used the yarn left over from my Dragontial shawl, combined with some Noro Silk Garden to be certain I had enough yarn for the project. I love how well the colors combined. It was a fun project! (from the book "Knit Along") I will likely make a few more of these, maybe for presents for my nieces for Yule this year.


Leslie said...

Fun, I made something similar. I wear it so many ways. I figure when I am tired of wearing it as a scarf or belt I will either applique or needle felt it to a felted bag. Love the yarn you use, nummy.

AlisonH said...

Oh, what a cool idea! And beautifully done.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Diana! I love, love, love it... gonna wear it with jeans, gonna wear it with hand dyed skirts, gonna wear it alll by itself, um, at home of course! Gorgeous!


Lutra said...

That is really cool!
I think I need to take a brake with socks and baby sweaters and make some fun stuff like this!
Where can I find instructables?