Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dragontail Live At Last!

I am so happy! My Dragontail Shawl is live and available, and has already received some very appreciated feedback :-}
I think this one is my favorite pattern to date, mainly because it is so fluid and forgiving, and pretty easy to knit, too. And it will stretch in all 8 directions and fit whatever shape ya got.

Patternfish has is HERE and
Ravelry has it HERE.

(That's Amanda looking all sexy and Siren-y on the Patternfish page)

I was also able to snag a premium Ravelry ad which will go live on July 16th (pending approval of my ad copy, submitted today). The ad is the image at the head of the blog today. The photos below are some more versions of Dragontail.
Yarns Used: Mirasol Hacho, Berocco Seduce Colors, Rowan Damask and Blue Heron metallic Rayon 'Mossyplace' (reminds me of botanical naming conventions :-} )
Next up? Hmm... either the jacket/bolero, the triangle stole, the triangle shawl, the crocheted scarf (one of the two versions) or the stole I am calling "Withy". Or maybe the baby pattern I started last Winter. Or a sweater for Oscar, or a jacket for Sean-boy.


AlisonH said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Leslie said...

Woot, so kewl! I am gonna go look at it now in more detail.