Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I have been very focused on my knitting patterns the past few months. It was a difficult thing to discover my hands no longer want to knit as long as I want them to. Some days when working on the Dragon shawl, I could only do one repetition a day before my hands said 'uh uh'.
I have learned to switch off between projects, and parts of projects, and to swap between knitting and crochet now and then. I often write out pattern notes for a newer pattern while knitting an older one. It's a good thing I'm not a monogamous knitter (one who sticks with one project until it is finished).
Currently in process for publication I have a Dragontail shawl, a possible Dragonwing shawl, a lovely long stole from a modular shape, a pair of baby mitts waiting for the hat pattern to go with them, a pair of child's socks, a neat boler0-style jacket, a few different summer tops, another shawl based on an antique pattern and a baby blanket/full size afghan pattern.
And those are what I remember from the top of my head. I have more sketches and pre-pattern notes waiting.
The closest to being done are the baby blanket and Dragontail shawl. The baby blanket knitting is finished. For the shawl I need one more sample (yarn is in the mail) and for both I need a photo shoot with some of my favorite models, Amanda and Sean. Tommy is a photogenic guy, too... I think he might model for me if I ask, and there is always my Viking Guy, Oscar. :-}
I tend not to post photos of items in progress, but as soon as they are ready to go live, I'll be blogging like crazy. (Photo is of yet another pattern... on a back burner for now)


AlisonH said...

If I may be obnoxious and offer the suggestion, I went to a physical therapist who specializes in hands early on in my autoimmunity. What she taught me, and the splints she custom-made me, made a huge difference.

Leslie said...

I am going to have to agree with Alison here.

But the Dragon Shawl must be amazing