Monday, May 25, 2009

Best Plaid Hands...

Or Best Laid Plans as most people would say...
(((Warning, not my usual cheerful post, but it does get happy at the end, I promise)))
This past Saturday we planned a cookout, and I planned to take photos of my finished patterns with Amanda so I could get moving on those patterns that are all written, and almost ready to go. The bank of phlox along our fence is glorious right now and would make a decent backdrop to some of the pattern samples. (see photo)

We DID have a cookout, and it was quite pleasant, learning a new game called Munchkin, having great conversation with Chris and Robert and Robert (yes, two Roberts) but through various circumstances, Amanda couldn't be there and I couldn't take my pattern photos.
I feel very disappointed. Not angry, mind, as it really was just a combination of bad circumstances, but I'd be lying if I said I was other than disappointed. My patterns felt like one of the few parts of my life I can control right now, but I guess not. (doh). (ok, hopefully the whiney bit is over now)
Anyway, it means we are back to the other plan of taking them at the Botanic Gardens some currently unspecified time in the future, but if I can muster the energy (and take enough pain meds) to attend a cookout Amanda is having today, I hope we can commit to a time next weekend. I overdid it getting ready for our cookout and my body is complaining with fevers and aches and so forth. (moan) (whoops, still a bit whiney)
If we can't do the gardens next weekend, then maybe the weekend after we get back from watching the Prelude to the Dream race at Eldora Speedway.
If I attend the cookout, I will bring along the pattern samples and my camera, in case an opportunity presents itself. Maybe I can get photos of Sean with the baby blanket, but Amanda will be busy with hostess duties, most likely. The Botanic Gardens is a great trip anyway, and I would love going there.
On a happier...oh heck, it's better than that.. on an ECSTATIC note;
One of the best things that happened Saturday is that Oscar added a strip of wood inside our door which makes it possible for me to get the chair in and out of the house on my own.
As long as I stick to the sidewalks, I can now LEAVE THE HOUSE to travel a little around our neighborhood. There is a nice bike path between the neighborhood and the freeway wall. Maybe people won't mind if I take photos of their gardens. It definitely widens my horizons.
Ending at the first part of May there was a period of five weeks (due to illness and Oscar working overtime) where I couldn't leave the house. Yep, 35 solid days without being able to set foot out of the house, even into the garden. It made me bonkers. Hopefully never again! Now that I can leave the house at will out the front, I can at least go for a short spin outside.


AlisonH said...

Oh, ow! Cabin fever plus!

It's flattering to Amanda that you feel you need her specifically to show off your patterns, so that's a good thing.

Your phlox are absolutely gorgeous.

Leslie said...

I cannot tell you how happy it makes ME to know that you are getting your freedom back.

I hope the photo shoot finally happens and I am looking forward to seeing them.

Your fleurs are gawjus, dahlink!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

I am hopelessly behind, not only on blogging and reading other blog posts, but sleeping and eating and checking things off my to-do list. Wish I'd read this before now.

That said... woohoo on the getting outside by yourself! Of course you are delighted. Have you tested it yet? I expect you must have.

Balance is so hard, isn't it? Stuck inside for you, stuck outside or working rather than resting for me. And I messed up my eating today to the point where I was shaking and faint trying to put the key in the door to come in and get food.

I did cook soup (from misc. frozen leftovers) today, thank goodness for the crockpot. And thank goodness I cooked good things and froze them, which make good soup. Toomorrow dinner will be an easy one for a change.

Balance. Hard for me. One commitment I've had since November (once a week, Monday mornings since January, twice a week before that), is over. I have one more month of computer classes and then I have one more thing off the list (unfortunately, computers are paid so that means reduced income... the first obligation was volunteering with kids).

I continually find myself "over-yessed." I have spent some days doing only favors for friends and nothing for me. I want to do those things, I am better at them than my friends, and sometimes I have to just say no, anyway.

As for your story: this is the right time of year to get out and look at flowers, etc. I hope the sidewalks are even enough for you to adventure well. There are garden surprises everywhere right now, it seems.

I can just picture you wearing the brightest of colors in your clothing, tooling down the sidewalk with camera in hand, whistling to birds or singing out loud. Remember not to do wheelies in the middle of the street, though, OK?