Thursday, February 05, 2009

Working on a Shawl

I'm working on a pretty big project, with a due date.
Last year at Convocation I ran into some old friends, from years and years ago.
They are all special to me, but Jill perhaps a bit more special.
She will be at Convocation again this year, and I want to give her this shawl.
The designer is Alison Jeppson-Hyde, and if you've read her book, you know she is all about giving tangible evidence of love and caring. It seemed appropriate to choose one of her patterns for this tangible, portable hug I want to give Jill.
The pattern is called Big Foot, it's a variation of a Shetland pattern called Old Shale, or Feather and Fan. The yarn is two colorways of Jojoland Melody, Autumn with a bit of green and purple.
It takes me about 20 minutes to complete a row, and I need to rest my hands after every 2 rows. (there are 380-some stitches per row). I have been doing 4-6 rows per day, interspersed with other knitting but with the convention coming up on the 20th, I think I need to work a bit faster. I will try and see today how many rows I can accomplish when I knit mostly on this today. I'm certain I can get it finished, and every stitch will be worth it when she sees this tangible evidence of memory and love.

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AlisonH said...

It's beautiful! Thank you, and enjoy!