Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wonderful, marvelous, magical

The new chair came into its own this past weekend.
And it helped me rediscover myself, as well.
I have been a hermit, increasingly cut off over the past 5 years.
This weekend, with my trusty steed, I whizzed around, made easily a dozen new friends, and spent major quality time with old friends.
Oscar was able to go do his thing, I went and did MY thing (it has been YEARS since I could do anything on my own. YEARS!!!!) and then we had just as much fun when we met afterward and shared our adventures.
So much happened. I will write about it over the next little while, but first to get through today and tomorrow.
Today I will be spending with Miralax, tomorrow under anesthesia for the procedure, then recovery.
But the effort of getting to Convocation was so worth it.
My life has changed again.
Blessed be :-}

P.S. My friend loved her shawl :-}


Leslie said...

How wonderful that you are getting your independence back. Great news.

AlisonH said...

Wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!

Mokihana said...

I am so happy for you! We all experience freedom in different ways and I can so relate to this.

Bless Oscar for all his help previously and now... nice he has some freedom too, even though I know he was so happy to help you.

Doing the happy dance for you!