Monday, January 26, 2009


I realized when I got up this morning that yesterday I missed doing a blog post. So much for that new year's resolution. Now I shoot for all but one day a month :-}
I guess being sick is a good excuse for not getting that done. I DID work on the newsletter yesterday, and that counts as writing in my 'book' :-}

Today I had an appointment with my doctor. She is so terrific. I am so lucky to have her as my care-giver.

She really listens, and does her best to get to the bottom of whatever symptoms are bothering me.

Today on the way home I stopped by to get blood drawn, and those results will determine the next steps.

My cold is still going strong, but not quite as violently as a few days ago.

Buddha Cat is acting in her role as nurse, which means where ever I am, she is, and if I stay still long enough, she curls up on me and does her best to keep me warm.

Between my beloved husband, my terrific doctor and our cats, I feel pretty lucky.

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