Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today is a Gift

Today is a gift to me from my husband.
I have my power chair, but the snow has made it impossible for me to go out on my own with it. It has had a few runs around the kitchen, but otherwise is just a powerful ornament in the living room.

Oscar will be jaunting off to Florida for a family visit next weekend, I told him my public jaunt with the wheelchair could wait until the weather is better but he wouldn't hear of it.
We were going to go yesterday but the weather is supposed to be better today.

Today, he will clear a shoveled pile of snow, make certain the van's ramp lines up with the house ramp, and will take me round and about a few places where I can shop in my chair.

I will need to back the chair into the van, as there is no turn-around space in there.
If the chair is too tall, I will need to back up while I am reclining, and not sit upright until we arrive at our destination. It helps me to mentally go through the possible hurdles and what I can do to overcome them. I am very excited about this, and nervous something will prevent it, but I know Oscar is as determined as I am this time, and it will work out. (photo I chose today is Oscar with a determined face, in his Jayne hat :-]

I will be taking my camera, looking for more of those abstract photos in Ikea and an office supply store. And if we both still have energy, maybe a stop somewhere as yet undetermined.

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Anonymous said...

I'm excited for you Diana!