Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Grays back in town

We had a few days with bright sunshine this week, but we're back to the winter grays again today.

We have yet to find a perfect solution for having enough light in the living room. Bright directed light (in my eyes) triggers my migraines. Not a good thing. Even the reflection of a bright light in the screen of the tv triggers them. While we are making the living room wheelchair ready, we are also identifying the best places to put bright up-lights without reflecting or shining in my eyes.
I have the first corner almost ready, so the daily darkness will end soon, I hope.

I have the pattern for Sean's mitts finished. After I knit mitt number two I will expand the pattern to a hat, and maybe booties.
I also wrote the Elijah hat stitch pattern (see images below) into a pair of fingerless gloves. I might publish that pattern separately. Also in the works are a few scifi geeky things that I am still playing with, while finishing the knitting for my family. Elijah Hat Pattern available HERE.

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Leslie said...

Oh, I love the hat, both are great...