Friday, January 16, 2009

Appreciate a Dragon Day

Today, January 16th, is Appreciate a Dragon Day.

Look, ecards, it's official :-}
I somehow missed Tattoo Appreciation Day on January 11th.
Too bad, I LOVE tattoos. I don't have any and shouldn't get any, but I love seeing them on other people :-}

Just so we don't miss any more January holidays:

January 17: Ditch Your New Year's Resolution Day

January 19: Popcorn Day AND Whisper I Love you Day AND Stay Young Forever Day
(I think I'll celebrate this one by whispering in Oscar's ear with popcorn breath, wearing alien bobble head gear)

January 21: Send a Hug Day

January 22: Come In From The Cold Day (all spies get to come home?)

January 23: Pie Day (I have a brother in law who will LOVE this holiday)

January 24: Beer Can Appreciation Day.

January 25: Robert Burns Day. Last year, Oscar and I missed this one. We want to attend a Scottish Feast this day, but it may wait until next year. Too bad, I've been wanting to try haggis.

January 27: CHOCOLATE Day. And Thomas Crapper Day. Odd combo indeed.

January 28: National Kazoo Day and Rattle Snake Round-Up Day. I didn't know snakes responded to kazoos. It's also Blueberry Pancake Day

January 29: Puzzle Day, Bubblegum Sculpture Day and National Cornchip Day.

Today, however, Oscar and I are celebrating his day off by spending time together after errands are done. We'll have chicken and noodles, I think,


Leslie said...

Gotta print this post and transfer to the calendar. Only one I knew about was Burns Day and I will be having Haggis...

Donita K. Paul said...

There is more information on Appreciate a Dragon Day on my website under fun stuff. And on my blog dragon bloggin' I posted pictures of what we did to celebrate.
Join us next year in the festivities.