Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I made plans for knitting based solely on my old level of production.
Good thing most of the recipients can wait a month or so.

So I am plugging away, knitting every day but taking lots of rest breaks, and switching between projects.
I will be writing patterns from many of the items I plan to knit for gifts, anyway, so January should be a pattern-heavy month.

I have been finishing projects right and left, too, but my blogging has been hampered by the loss of the cord which connects my clunky camera to my computer.
It will turn up. It's likely caught beneath my chair.

We have been reorganizing the living room, moving the tv to a better location, allowing my storage drawers to move away from my chair and allow access to yarn. Always a good thing :-}
More importantly, it also makes a better pathway between the kitchen and the rest of the house.
I have also been gearing up to write fiction again.
I took a hiatus this summer, but really miss it.
Dad being sick brought things into focus for me. How lovely to be published while he can still understand. Even if it doesn't happen that way, how bad will I feel if I stop trying?
How bad will I feel if another year slips by without a finished manuscript?
I will be starting by the end of the month, and will write something, anything, every day.
I have been dreaming characters, and jotting down details, and can feel the tide starting to rise again.

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