Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Oscar found the camera Cord last night, Yay!!!!
So I can show you a photo of one of his favorite presents this year.
It's very much a geeky gift, being a combination of Cthulu from H. P. Lovecraft's tales and the Linux penguin, Tux.
The pattern was created by Carly Zimmerman of Goddess Sue Knits.
The link to the Ravelry pattern is HERE.
It has also been blogged on Craftzine, and on Lime and Violet.
I kept the adorable shaping made with short rows, and followed the stitch directions pretty much exactly, but instead of solid green, I used Noro, instead of straight tentacles, I went wild with the crochet hook after making smaller i-cords, and made them all straggly. I used larger needles, to save my hands, then felted it slightly after I stuffed it. I put two stone balls in the base, (originally used for mixing paint) to help it sit upright. I added a beak, just because I wanted to, and also added a wee tail at the back, but it's not visible in the pictures. It's purpose was two-fold. It helps a lot with stabilization, and it also hid the slice I made to add more stuffing after the minimal felting was done :-} Mine ended up about 8 inches tall.
Brilliant pattern, and loads of fun to adapt :-}


Leslie said...

That is the cutest thang. Way to go. I love it, thanks for the Rav link as well. Did I tell you that I am FiberPirateKniter on Ravelry, BTW. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Love ya.

AlisonH said...

Oh, that's adorable!

Laume said...

That's hysterically cute. Although I can't help but see it not as a penguin cthlulu but as a cthlulu EATING a pengquin!

Lutrah's Ocean Alter said...

I know why Oscar loves it!
Your knitting skills amaze me!
I love the way you adapted the pattern and surpassed it making it uniquely your own!
Well done, and Huzzah!

MarieAngel said...

Yep, definitely going to have fun with this one :)

My geeky hubby has a collection of odd,weird geeky knitted creatures thanks to me, and this one begs to be added to the shelf!

Thank you for the pattern link in Ravelry.