Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunny sunny Cold

The sun is streaming out of a crystal blue sky this afternoon, but the air is waaay too icy to go out for long without full winter gear.

I've got some Medicine Soup boiling away on the stove, lots of ginger and garlic scenting and warming the house. I'm taking a meat-free week, so I'm using seitan rather than chicken today.

I have been knitting almost exclusively the past few years, but a few months ago, I was sorting through my quilt blocks (plan to make a quilt for Sean..our Godson, not the Sean in the photo above) and the itch to play with fabric is coming back. Now that I have a better handle on how much I can do in a day, and how long my rest breaks need to be, I think quilting is a possibility again... good thing as those I've made previously are getting a little worn...

I've become addicted to a new (to me) tv show. It's on Biography, called "Female Forces"
"Brains, beauty, and a badge... In each episode of Female Forces, viewers ride shotgun with the female officers from the Naperville, Illinois Police Department as they fight a full gamut of big city crime in the suburbs of Chicago" It's great stuff, Maynard!

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