Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pine Ridge

My friend Ysabeau told me about Pine Ridge Reservation, and the organizations who help the people living there a few years ago. I like to send gifts for the elders at Christmas time (usually shawls and such). I went by to check what they were doing this season, and found a neat thing that any of us might be able to do to help.

The idea is that you stuff a 'stocking' for an elder or three (or 25, if you like), with some of the most wanted items on their list (see list and link below). They suggest making or buying a drawstring bag (approximately 10" by 14") in lieu of a traditional stocking, as the bag is reusable.
At first I was disappointed, I was thinking that I could make a shawl but not really go out and shop for some of the things on the list, but then I looked more closely.
Several of the items on the list are things I already have in abundance around the house, (candles, teabags) and there were a few things still that I can knit my love into, and send along (hats, scarves, socks).
I also have plenty of material left in my quilting stash to make bags from, and Oscar has volunteered to cut the material and help sew them up (he's a better tailor/'seamster' than I, having made himself a pair of 'designer' jeans years ago)

Ysabeau told me that because of the Blizzard Emergency, they have plenty of stockings/bags, but the contents went to warm and feed the people in the path of the storm.

He also is happy to use some of the Christmas money that family usually gives us to go shopping in the bulk aisle of the store for some of the other things.

Most wanted items:

Bars of soap
Crossword puzzle books
Dried soup mix packets
Gas cards (Shell only)
Gift cards
Hair elastics
Hand warmers
Hot chocolate packs
Lamp oil
Lip balm
Long distance calling cards
Mints/candies/sugar free candies
Oil lapms
Over the counter meds
Playing cards
Reading glasses
Small containers of hand lotion
Small gifts like wallets, belts, jewelry
Small packs of snacks/granola bars/nuts
Small packs of tissue
Small tools
Snow boots
Snow suits
Stocking caps
Sugar free drink mixes
Tea bags
Word search books
(Non stocking stuffers but needed - towels and blankets)

Please ship your elders Christmas stockings to:

Via US Mail:

Carmelita Mesteth
Oyate Teca Project
FoPRR Elders Project
P. O. Box 316
Kyle, SD 57752

Via UPS/FedEx/DHL:

Carmelita Mesteth
Oyate Teca Project
FoPRR Elders Project
1000 Youth Center Drive
Kyle, SD 57752

Please Note: Due to the volume of donations shipped to the reservation FoPRR cannot verify delivery of your boxes. If you require confirmation of delivery, please purchase delivery confirmation from the post office or use your shipping service's tracking system.

Please do not use Styrofoam as packing material. New large size trash bags serve well as padding and are reusable.


"In addition to its work with the children, the Oyate Teca Project works with hundreds of elders in need in seven different communities and can use help with your donations of filled Christmas stockings for them. Our goal is 500 stockings and if you sew, please consider making up some drawstring bags (10" x 14") in lieu of stockings. Not only will they be easier to fill, but the elders will be able to reuse them.

(Above) is a list of suggested items you might want to include in hour stockings and please let us know how many you'll be sending so we can update our tally. Thank you so much for making a difference for an elder this Christmas!

11/13/08 Update: Due to the blizzard emergency, Oyate Teca Project had to distribute their Christmas stocking donations early to help those families in crisis. If you'd like to help by sending additional filled stockings or gift items and emergency supplies listed (above), please do so!"


Leslie said...

Hi Diana,

The first time I went to Pine Ridge, I was 10 years old and appalled by the poverty. Made my mum buy individual ice creams for a whole family that were sharing at the DQ. Long story short, I went back as an adult and built HforH houses with Jimmy Carter, because of my experience as a 10yo. I already contribute to knitting charities for Pine Ridge, but wanted to express my appreciation of you and your trying to get the word out.

Diana Troldahl said...

I looked up the patterns you mentioned (Ravelry, gotta love it) I have 9 more hats to make for Pine Ridge.. these look quick and more importantly, warm :-}