Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Getting Ready

I've been getting ready for the holidays for a while now.
Oscar has S.A.D. I do too, to a lesser extent.
We found a new tool for helping us get through the winter months last year.
I start making small purchases of fun presents for Oscar, and have them wrapped and heaped somewhere in sight from about the beginning of October on.
I love shopping for him, and I love giving him surprises. He gets me some presents, too, don't mistake me, and they are great, but the heap of gifts we keep around are for for him, but help both of us. It always cheers me up when he opens one of them, and he feels special too.

So far he's opened a rubber monkey head that moans when you squeeze it, a wind up motorcycle rider, and a bronze celtic belt buckle. He's opened a few others, but those are the stand-outs.

My S.A.D. is exacerbated this year.

The med I was on for fibromyalgia was causing me to gain weight. The LAST thing I need. It wasn't helping the pain levels any more, either. It is also an antidepressant. I am about two and a half weeks into the withdrawal period, and my moods are still low sometimes (but much less drastic than the first week).

My Dad went back to the hospital a few weeks ago, and is in rehab again now. His memory has worsened, and they haven't quite nailed down the why of it yet, but they are still testing. It is hard.

Add the fact that I haven't been able to safely walk in my own backyard, and it's been a long summer, and even longer autumn spent looking out the kitchen window.

Still, I am working on losing weight and exercising, and designing and knitting and writing, and the days pass pretty well, all in all.

(Images are some random photos of things I've made that make me feel good.)

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Momtroll said...

How wonderful to be creative in fabric. It will last a long time.
Cheers to feeling better soon.