Sunday, August 17, 2008


Dad will be moving to rehab tomorrow!
This is good news, as originally they were talking standard nursing home.
He has some vision loss, but they've been preoccupied with keeping him alive and he hasn't seen an eye specialist yet.
I picked up a bug from my visit to him, but have mega antibiotics and hopefully the bug will be exterminated in time for me to visit him in rehab on the 25th.

Oscar has an exciting time coming up. He has worked so hard taking care of me and the house as my arthritis got worse that I wanted us to budget a special treat for him. Several months ago, I found a discounted single ticket near the start/finish line at Bristol Motor Speedway (Bristol, Tennesee) for the Nascar Sprint Cup race on the 23rd. It's one of his favorite Nascar events, and he is VERY happy about being there in person.

This has been a difficult summer. I lost a dear friend after a long fight with cancer, and of course Dad's stroke has really been scary to deal with. The loss of Kitsune still hits hard some days, and the final gasp of the garden (I had Oscar mow over all but the peonies and the fence plantings this week) was difficult, but over all things are pretty good. Our three remaining fur kids (the cats) keep me in good company, always ready with a purr or five, and it is easier to look at the neatly mowed lawn than to see the weeds choking out my flowers in beds I can no longer care for.

The ramp was installed, and although I can't haul myself up it, I am in process of getting (fingers crossed) a motorized wheelchair, which should widen my horizons considerably.

It has been a fair summer, and fall promises better in many ways.

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AlisonH said...

You got your ramp--that's wonderful. I wish you all the best with the rest.