Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Photo Days

I am still coming back health-wise from the trip up north.
I miss posting blogs, but most days, my brain level is just above ground.
So I will start posting some of the new photographs I took on my trip, hopefully one per day, and not worry so much about the words.
I hope you enjoy these, I tried to capture images that convey the feelings of peace and connection I felt.


AlisonH said...

Gorgeous shot. That fern is ready to fan some king or queen's face as they go by on their (okay, we interrupt this visual image to ask what the bleep the word is again, you know, for that royal, um, stretcher-type thingy, only don't call it that, they think they're being feted...)

Marietta said...

This reminds me of Wisconsin (where I grew up). We had a woods on our farm, I loved hiding out there communing with nature.