Friday, June 06, 2008

Exciting action-packed day

I am headed up to Lansing to visit my all time favorite yarn store's new venue. Rae's Yarn Boutique. This is a shopping trip that I've been planning for months and at last health (physical and monetary) has reached a conjunction and I can GO!

First though, I have a visit to Doc Farmer (we have a terrific doctor). I have a slightly worrisome lump thing just in front of my left ear. Kind of on the bone, not sore, just a little tender. I don't like to worry about such things so I go and get them checked out as soon as I notice anything odd.

As it happens, I have another weird lumpy thing on that side of my face. I think something bit my eyebrow a few days ago, and I have a localized allergic reaction. The swelling has now fallen down around my inner upper eyelid, giving me the same gaze as a manatee LOL :-}
I'm pretty sure the nurse will think that's why I'm there, as it is somewhat visually striking, but really it's the less visible lump that needs checking out.

After the lovely orgy of yarn shopping, we will have an even lovelier sushi lunch with Liz, Oscar's mom. Then home to rest up for next week's adventure. A spring visit up north in Gaylord to visit my parents. I am ecstatic about long rides in the adapted four-wheeler (my dad is a genius) into the deep piney woods to find wild flowers and such to photograph. I am looking forward to it so very much!
I plan to take the rest of June off for recovery, but it will be very much worth it.
Here are a few photos from an early spring visit to Gaylord a few years back.


Jan said...

Yarn shopping! Sushi! I realize these outings are very hard on you, but Yarn shopping! Sushi! Wow!

Have fun!

AlisonH said...

Okay, that does it. I'm calling my doctor about that new mole. Thank you!

AlisonH said...

(There. Did it. Now you go be well too!)