Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chippy Socks Ahoy!!

I had the pleasure of knitting up some sock samples from Lynn H of Colorjoy's new pattern, Chippy Socks For Kids.
Mine used Cascade Fixation, but I have also knit these in a heavier weight yarn, with appropriate needles and they were great for a toddler. I plan to knit at least two new sets in different yarns for a Mom-To-Be who is close to my heart. Besides, I really love knitting these!

I even vastly expanded the pattern beyond it's bounds and knit a pair for Oscar last year. :-}

Lynn writes:
"These socks were inspired by a color-loving toddler friend who loved her socks so much she would not take them off! I aspired to make her a pile of fun but unmatching socks, and these were the result.

These are a quick knit in DK-weight yarn, and the colorwork keeps you fascinated. The patterns are easily memorized, and the knitting just speeds right on by. Three colors of yarn can be combined in infinite ways with six leg charts and four foot charts. Much fun, more color!"

I've attached a few photos, the one on top was taken by Lynn, the other badly messed with one by me. (I REALLY need to get my Adobe photoshop installed on this laptop)


Ysabeau said...

These are absolutely crazy, and I looove them! How fun and creative - I might have to have a new attitude about matching socks, don't you know.



Mokihana said...

Oh my gosh!!! They are just fabulous. I think I will re-think my own socks for my very own feets!