Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Garden Day at a time

Last year, I found out my gardening was very very limited, and it made for a very difficult spring and summer.
This past fall, I sent many of my plants with a friend who moved to a really great climate, and had plenty of sun for them in her new yard.

This spring, I decided if I am having a good day, and the weather is fine, I will allow myself to do one garden thing, that day.

I made a list and put it into roughly prioritized order, and began.

With only three days (spaced over two weeks) I have managed to get some pretty nifty stuff accomplished. First, I cut down a vigorous, almost virulent wild rose. Not the nice, pink, scented kind, but a rough tough customer, tiny white flowers, no scent, and the rose hips have no savor, either. The only thing it is good at is choking out the raspberries, so it had to go.

Then, I moved my Johnson's blue geranium. (it's the blue/violet flower behind the rose in the photo below) When I gifted some of my roses and peonies to Sherri, it meant the edge of the garden bed moved back about 3 feet, leaving poor old Mr. Johnson hanging out in the middle of the turf. I moved him back into the new outline of the bed.

The most recent task, finished today, was to move two volunteer hollyhocks back near the bed next to the fenceline. There are no more hollyhocks to be found in their old bed, I'm not certain why, but I was happy to find these fellows in the spring grass. The seeds for them came from my friend Ysabeau, and I am hopeful they will bloom this year. I've included some photos of their ancestors here :-}

As long as I keep to my new rules, my gardening isn't completely over.

The next forays will involve weeding and mulching, and avoiding slugs *shudder*


ColorJoy LynnH said...

Hmm, I've never met a slug in person. I see evidence of them everywhere, but I guess I don't garden much.

I had hollyhocks once at my old house. I hired a kid to mow and he weed-wacked the 1ft garden between driveway and house, and killed my flowers before they bloomed. Sigh.


Lynx said...

Only you could make a slug look artistic, Di!

Mokihana said...

Wow! Hollyhocks so early! We still have daffodils and tulips blooming here in Oregon. I first got to know them when we lived in Idaho for a couple of years, and just adored them.

I think I'll plant some here this year. Thanks for the fabulous photos!

AlisonH said...

The mascot of UC Santa Cruz: the enormous (and I mean enormous!) banana slug. I kid you not. They live among the redwoods.

JaM said...

My grandmother grew hollyhocks. I remember pretending the blossoms were the frocks of Southern Belles.

Enjoy your gardening. Little by little gets there.