Monday, March 17, 2008

Updates and home brewing

Spring always brings changes, it never fails.
It warmed up to the 40's this past week, though winter still has sharp claws and hasn't lost hold yet (snow predicted on Thursday).
But as soon as the weather warmed up, things started shakin'.
-I found I was able to use that great machine at the fitness center.
-I drove.
-I am planning my website and have anywhere from1 to 5 ideas for patterns every day. (I am only working on one at a time).
-Thanks to Amanda and Oscar, a week from Wednesday the living room and kitchen will be organized such that I can use the wheelchair again.
-Thanks to a local Pagan group, I might have a RAMP this spring. (I still get tears in my eyes when I think of the freedom that means)
-My book is going much better. I get a handle on a new twist almost every day, I will have the outline finished by Thursday morning (and several of the individual scenes sketched in).

I feel like beer brewing, all bubbly and murky, waiting to be sparged, the wort drained from the tun, quick-cooled and waiting for the right celebratory moment.

Doesn't the home brewing lexicon have some terrific vocabulary?
Oscar gets the magazine 'Brew'. I often read it in the bathroom.
I have a strong interest in ancient food stuffs and the uses of herbs.
I have been drawn slowly into a fascination with home brewing...
It really is the perfect balance between ancient alchemy and modern mad scientist.
I am even thinking about writing a few articles for submission.


Lynx said...

anything I can do to help with the ramp? that is the best news I have heard today! WTG!
Best of all, when you get back to better health and out of the chair, you can use it to skateboard. I think I can still find my skateboard....

AlisonH said...

Love the flower. And tell your friends I said thank you!

Diana Troldahl said...

Thank you Lyns, Unfortunately, the wheelchair is a permanent appendage (fortunately someone invented them or I'd be scooting around on my hiney-side.)

Thank you Alison, the flower is from my garden, called Borage, traditionally good for courage. I will pass on your thanks :-}

Laurdania said...

i love herbs as well.i wish i could brew.and a ramp?so your in a wheel sorry =( but atleast they found a ramp yes?and your knittings very inspiring.