Thursday, March 27, 2008

Has anyone found a confused brain wandering around?

Well, things are a bit rugged these days, and likely to be worse before getting better.
No tragedies or anything, just stuff.

The meds I was taking for my weird muscle pains were less effective, and then began giving odd and dangerous side effects, so I was advised to stop taking them. The med the doc suggested as a replacement was denied by my insurance. Rather than starting a new med, the doc suggested trying a different Rheumatoid Arthritis doctor. The last one was very kind but said I didn't match 'his' definition of fibromyalgia, wrote some pain meds for me and sent me off.

The pain levels we're talking about are quite high(7 out of 10), and separate from either my abdominal pain or my osteo pain. It's like someone turns my muscles to balsa wood, and I can barely straighten up or walk when I'm having a flare up.

The upshot is I am being weaned off the bad meds, and will be without that type of meds until I see the RA doc on the 10th. At that point, if she prescribes something, it may take up to a month to kick in fully, so I'm possibly looking at a month of grumpy mornings. The mornings are worst, as my pain meds for the other stuff don't last the full night, and I need to eat something before taking them in the A.M. The Darvocet and Vicodin are somewhat effective during the course of the day, about 50% I'd say.

So I'm looking at reduced brain/concentration ability, from the pain, AND from the pain pills.
Thanks goodness for garter stitch, and for my husband who helps me in every way possible.

It helps to know I'm coming up on a rough patch, as I have the opportunity to line up non-demanding knitting and books etc.
I am SO glad I finished Rae's mittens, and the shawl is not confusing, as long as I keep track of which row I am on.
I think I need to put off the launch of Otterwise until June or July, though. My own pattern writing is almost at a standstill. I can jot down the ideas and make sketches, but doing the math is a bit problematic :-} Learning Dreamweaver to create the website will also be a no-go for now.

Anyway, thanks for listening to the moany fest.
And here are some spring-themed photos, while we wait for Spring to bring her tardy butt South Eastern Michigan way.


Marietta said...

Ah, Diana (((hugs))) dear!
I so know what you are about to go through... btdt, and I TRULY sympathize with the misery, confusion, pain, brain fog, aching, stiffness, fatigue, etc etc. I've only been out of that land for 6 mo. The view is fine from here, I wish I could get you to my pain clinic in AZ, and my rheumy here in Seattle. They would both set you up so you can function again!!
Love, Marietta

M in JaM said...

How can your blue flowers lift up my spirit so easily? Water drops on petals look so refreshing. You have a way with close-up images of the things you love....

Hoping you feel better.