Thursday, February 07, 2008

That explains a whole heck of a lot

I have been struggling a with a certain diminished capacity for quite some time. It became most apparent when more days than not, I couldn't focus well enough to wend my way through very basic knitting patterns. I USED to multi task big time, but now, not so much.
I blamed the fever, and learned a few weeks ago the fever was in part from pain, and started taking pain meds on a regular basis instead of just on horribly bad days. It didn't take care of the fuzzy brain stuff nearly as well as I had hoped, (though it did help somewhat).

As serendipity would have it, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place when my friend Lily forwarded the following article.

Chonic Pain Alters How The Brain Works

It seems pain not only sucks, it causes a certain level of brain damage.

Isn't that a cheery thought.

Since I've been in high levels of pain for oh, say 15 years now, that just might explain why my IQ seems to have lowered just a tad some days.

The good news is that if I stop multi-tasking and stay focussed, I CAN do what I need to do, it just takes more of my brain than it used to.

I always feel better knowing the WHY of stuff, so I am very glad Lily shared the article.

Now I know the reality, eventually I can deal with it, and move forward again, instead of waiting for 'good days' to do stuff like write.
If I adjust my sights a bit lower, my endless string of not-so-good days can move up the ranks to become the "new good".
And as long as I practice focusing on one task at a time, things will go better. More slowly, perhaps, but better.


AlisonH said...

Curious. Thank you for passing the word along. (Heh. Now I have an excuse.)

Lynx said...

Now my sudden comphrehension/enjoyment of South Park makes sense.....