Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Taking Stock Wednesday

I'm on a group of Disabled Pagans. We have a schedule including "Moan Aloud Monday" "Taking Stock Wednesday" and "Fabulous Friday" to encourage us to unload if need be, examine our lives in a reality check, and celebrate the good stuff, in turn, every week.

I have got a lot to be thankful for. Number one today is that S.'s surgery on Monday went well :-}

I have been fighting a cold/flu for almost three weeks now, but other than some lingering aches, it's mostly gone today.

I am knitting for my friends, and thanks to Ysabeau, will accomplish what I want to by week's end.
Then I will complete my 'business knitting' and begin to write my own patterns in PDF style, with the goal of publishing them for sale online, hopefully by March.

Writing is always at the forefront of my mind, but not actually happening. That is changing too.

I think I need these goals, knitting for others, writing fiction and writing patterns, to help me feel I'm contributing, both to our household and to life in general.

I'm pretty sure I have an overdose of Cabin Fever too. I haven't really gone out much in the past 3 weeks. I'll make a point of leaving the house for an hour or so this weekend, weather and germs permitting.


AlisonH said...

Glad you're doing so much better!

Lynx said...

the dreaded cabin fever, huh. no cure for that one, here in hell, I mean Michigan...... thank goddess for Cyberspace or we would never see any of the "outside world".
You're welcome to come over here and visit (once I find a new place)! Hugs Sis!!!

Lynx said...

incidentally, no link to the group? I could use some Moaning Myrtle time, too!
Love you, sis!!!