Thursday, February 28, 2008


I felt better on Friday, and had a great day on Saturday, Sunday wasn't as bad it it might have been, then it became apparent I caught a cold at ConVocation.
It is relatively mild compared to earlier this month, but the aches and pains and cough and sore throat are present and accounted for.

I console myself with the thought of Spring.
Despite the inches of snow on the ground, Spring Equinox is three weeks from tomorrow.
I think I can make it until then :-}


ColorJoy LynnH said...

Germs are everywhere this year, it's totally the pits. I'm so bummed for you, the weekend was so great and now this. At least you got to go.

I keep remembering that the violets in the yard usually come up in late March. I love the violets. I've been known to cry with relief when I first see them... the first flowers of the year.


Get better, OK? (The bags are gorgeous that you knit for me...)

Lynx said...

yellow flowers, preeeettttty! the one thing I will miss when we move is the flowers that George has spent so much time planting. Bye-bbye to my lilacs, forsythia, roses and spirea. Tulips, crocus, daffodils, dandelions, trumpetvine, nettles, catnip.... ok, those last two I won't miss, especially with the allergies! But my FORSYTHIA. Send kleenex!

AlisonH said...

Beautiful tulips. I almost never see them now; it doesn't get cold enough here for the bulbs to set buds for a second year, so few people bother with them.