Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ysabeau's new Arty Shawl

Another project was finished early this month. I have an informal art exchange going on with a wonderful woman named Ysabeau in California. (she has been mentioned here before :-}

This Shawl/art adornment started as a gift of commercial yarn made up of several fibers knotted together. It was good stuff except for the calico, in my opinion only, of course.
I de-constructed the yarn into individual lengths, found some lovely mohair etc in my stash to go with, and proceeded knitting, tying off a fringe at the end of each row. Later I added additional fringe to the short ends and sides.
I LOVE how it turned out, gauzy, light, mysterious. I wish I had video of how the faint breeze played with this while I was taking photos. I just know Ysabeau will love it!


Marietta said...

It's gorgeous!! :)

AlisonH said...

That's fabulous! And that fence is the perfect backdrop to set it off with--well done!

Lutrah's Alter said...

Oh, Diana,
I love this one, I am just now getting back into knitting, and have almost gotten the hand of socks and how they work....Diedre sent me a book on knitting with two circular needles, which I had kind of figured out, and I'm now trying to get my head around two at a time on the long circular needles....
of course my DH is like, what, your not quilting anymore????
Socks are just a hell of alot more portable....