Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wrist warmers for Oscar

Oscar has a desk right by the window at work. This is wonderful for a sun-loving guy, but he does tend to get cold hands when he's sitting there working away. He requested a pair of half-gloves/wrist warmers, in a style and color that would fit in at his office. (Not hard, his office is full of cool geeky people) I looked through my stash and found two skeins of Southwest Trading Company bamboo yarn, in a wonderful silky blue (deeper shade than the photo shows)
I'm using the Colorjoy wrist warmer pattern, the garter version. The bamboo doesn't have any stretch to speak of, which is why it was languishing in stashdom. I had originally purchased it to make Oscar a pair of socks. Instead of the suggested #6 needles, I'm using #3s. It's making a lovely fabric stretchy and not at all bulky. It will take some time, but he's worth it. :-}


Lynx said...

awwwww, what a sweet wife you are! I finally got my fingers coordinated and made a few pairs for the Girls. Hope you knit fast enough to finish Oscar's before Spring comes and he doesn't need them anymore. (Looking at the thermometer here, you have PLENTY of time left!)
Check your email, sent you a couple of photos you will flip over!

Marietta said...

What a fun project!
I love the pic of Oscar... your kitty just soaking love right into Oscar.