Sunday, January 06, 2008

Toddling along

Things are rather blah these days, I am waiting for my appointment with a specialist on the 17th Not sure what he can do, my issue is not really in the strict definition of his specialty, but I'm maintaining faith until circumstances make it silly.

In the meantime, I am doing my best to take care of my health, and keeping busy writing, and knitting. I used to have a much wider range of activities, but these serve to keep me out of (most) trouble. I am tired and feel sick most days, but I hope a solution will be found, and next month might be the best I've had in years.

Today's big project is roasting a turkey. I will then portion it into servings and freeze them individually.

I put a thickly sliced lemon into the cavity of the bird, and then apply an oil to the breast meat beneath the skin to help keep it moist. Then bake it as long as recommended. That's it, really.
The oil I chose this time is a local product called 'Kenzoil' (Ken's oil) chock full of garlic and herbs.
Plain olive oil or butter would do as well, but have less flavor.

We had a lovely visit from Lynn on Friday, we don't see her nearly often enough.
We'll see her again when we go to Lansing to visit Rae's new shop. I am SO excited!

I will be meeting an internet friend this coming Friday, and if I can pick up the right tools, I'll be teaching her to knit and or crochet over lunch. I will be resting on Wednesday and Thursday so nothing interferes with my plans. (you should see the stubborn set of my jaw right now).


AlisonH said...

Take good care of yourself!

JaM said...

I love the way you reveal something of Nature's luminous spirit in your imagery.

Diana Troldahl said...

Thank you!