Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It creeps up on you..

In one of those brilliant bursts of insight (which, if I were smarter, I'd need less often) it hit me once again how much pain sucks, and how much of it there is these days.
I have been taking 1/2 doses of Darvocet during the day. If I can remember to do so every four hours, my mind remains clear, and my temperature normal well into the evening (sometimes as late as 7 or 8 p.m.).
If I forget, the Foggy Illogicals take advantage of the breach in my defenses and the rest of the day is spent drooling over endless garterstitch while watching reruns.
If I take the pain meds, I can try out new lace stitches, complete tricky sock heels and even write.
Hurrah for Modern Chemicals!!!!!
Today's projects include finishing a sock sample for Lynn, trying out her new toe up mittens, and working on Rae's Delphine Mittens and a lovely mohair shawl.
I am also making Hungarian Lentils. It sounds so good!!!

The image is of my version of a (Firefly) Jayne Hat. It has become quite popular at Oscar's office. (That's due mainly to Rae's yarn choices) In fact, one of his coworkers has paid for yarn to get one of his very own. :-}


AlisonH said...

Oh, that's great fun! Cool!

Lynx said...

Goddess bless "modern" drugs! Darvocet is a life saver here, too. Except that if I take the dosage prescribed for me, the pain goes away AND the consciousness goes to sleep. SIGH. But as you said, pain sucks!!!!!