Sunday, December 16, 2007

At last, the brightness of Winter

I woke up to let the dog out at 7 a.m., and found the well-before-dawn sky pearly white with gathered light from the city, and snow on the ground. At last, the bright days of winter have arrived.
As a country girl, It still is remarkable to me how bright a damp winter sky gets at night in town. All the ice/water shards gather and refract every lumen back to the ground, where the snow gathers it up and lays it out in a reflective blanket.

The worst days for us are before the snow, when the ground is so dark, and the light is spent.

I grew up with black sky, white ground and skeleton trees as the winter night landscape.
During the day I still prefer the view in the countryside, particularly on a blue-skied sparkley day, but at night, winter can be magical here in town.

Pictures of our snow this morning taken with my new camera, an early yule gift (Thank You Oscar, for the camera, and for all your hard shoveling!)


ColorJoy LynnH said...

It's brighter here today, too. The sky is just the same amount of gray/white, and yesterday we did have snow, but today the cloudcover is allowing sun to get through. We even have shadows in the living room.



Rhy said...

Gee, now your house looks like mine has for the last week! Brrrr!!! However, I do love the snow when it is totally untrammeled. We had a bit of a surprise here at the 520 house this afternoon too. A cow elk was wandering down the alley across from us. Wow!
Stay warm dear!

AlisonH at said...

Brrr... But pretty!

Lynx said...

what was wrong with your old camera that your IDH got you a new one? Mommalyn needs a decent digi cam..... the one I had only holds 8 pictures, and if the batteries die or are removed, the pix are gone. But for $15, it was a good start to learning to use digital.