Sunday, November 25, 2007

New techniques

One of the things I love is learning new stuff. It's probably why I enjoy hand work, and herbalism, etymology and languages and, of course, writing. There's ALWAYS something left to learn.

Non-knitters may want to skip to the pretty pictures at the end:
I loved Cat Bordhi's book :New Pathways For Sock Knitters" but occasionally had almost dyslexic trouble with what marker went where when I used double pointed needles. She kindly suggested I give using two circular needles a try. I bought her book "Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles" and finally decided to give it a shot yesterday. I haven't moved on to the New Pathways book, but I am doing fine with a standard sock pattern so far.

I know I'm bragging, but I knit pretty quickly for the most part, so the new technique isn't that much faster for me than using the DPNS (so far). It is probably about the same, though, as my old method. What I DO like about it is the traveling potential. With some yarns, the DPNS can slip right out of the loops if I grab them the wrong way when getting them out of a workbag. That won't happen on the circular needles. I also think I can use them to make two socks at the same time. That would be really cool, as I don't really like knitting the same thing twice in a row.

Also, looking at a lot of shawl and stole patterns, they start with a temporary cast on, you knit haldf the length, bind off, then grab those initial stitches and knit the other direction. (this keeps the lace or stitch pattern looking symmetrical.

I think if I use two skeins of wool, I can just use two sets of circulars technique and knit outward from a mutual cast on. Should work fine.

Non Knitters may tune in again. Here are some random eye candy-type things conjured from my old photo folders:


AlisonH said...

I love her new book. And I haven't knit socks in four years, but it appealed to me hugely just for the sheer inventiveness of it. I'll be knitting some of those, I'm sure, sockknitter or not.

Lynx said...

oooh, I love the idea of using circular needles for socks (since that is what I have been doing, only using them just like regular straight needles); it is a LOT easier to pull the knitting out of the bag with the circular needles, you got that right. Even with regular straight needles, it is too easy for the stitches to slide the wrong way sometimes.....
gee, and a link to free patterns to boot (or should I say to sock)... now I want to get this book. Wish me luck! you know my success rate with the local library!