Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Big varmints on the roof

With much banging, fluttering old stuff, and occasional calls for "MORE PAPER!!" the roof is getting redone from the deck on up. I think the guys are in a hurry to get finished, as hunting season starts tomorrow here in Michigan.
They are a wonder to behold. Here you see them at the far reaches of the dance, they come together in a pavanne once in a while, to exchange new materials or hand off tools. The animals are uncertain about all this, but as long as their mealtime isn't put off, they are willing to put up with all the weird noises.

They are removing an old chimney right now, from when we had a dangerous free-standing cone fireplace. Lots of soot in the air in here!

Well, I'll take my adventures where I can find them, how much better if they come right to the door!

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