Saturday, October 20, 2007

Malabrigo, malabrigo me have loved youuuu.....

(sung to the tune of 'Mona Lisa')

Ok, I admit it, I truly am (as the Ravelry group calls it) a Malabrigo addict.

If you have not yet encountered this brand of yarn, its worth seeking it out, if only for the colorful stroking experience it provides. Here's a link to MALABRIGO company's main site, where you can find a shop near you.
"We are a small, family owned yarn company located in Uruguay, the foremost wool producer country of South America and one of the world's most important. Working closely with a cooperative of women from Uruguay we have developed a line of hand painted yarns of incredible softness and wonderful color variations."

If only this blog provided sense-a-round with tactile features, but maybe you can perceive the velvety texture from some of the items I've knit up with it. (pics below)
It is soft. Whipped cream soft. Angora bunny belly soft.
It is colorful, Rich kettle-dyed almost solids to vibrant parrot-inspired combinations and everything in between.
And it is affordable. You can find 215 yard skeins of worsted and 104 yard skeins of chunky of for $12 and under, and the 470 yard skeins of laceweight for around $10. (compare to other premium yarns which sometimes cost almost double that)

When I first encountered it there was your merino worsted weight and your chunky (3-ply) weight. Now you've got your Selección Privada (hand painted), Aquarella (watercolor effects),
Gruesa (a chunky single non-ply), Angora (yum), and (excited jumping up and down) Laceweight. There are rumors they are working on a hard-wearing sock yarn that still maintains the soft 'hand' but until then I'll content myself with making whipped-cream light-as-a-feather shawls from the lovely laceweight.

I just bought some you see, in

Azul Profundo

Cactus Flower

Whale Road

and Amoroso

*Happy Sigh* So many colors, so little time.

Many more colors may be seen here MALABRIGO COLOR CARD

Anyway, have you petted your Malabrigo today?

A wristwarmer, in Jacinto

A pair of socks for Oscar, which later felted and wound up on Lynn' s feet

My fire shawl, mostly in amoroso and citrus with other blending yarns
Two more shawls, making good use of a few of the Malabrigo blues (these and Fire Shawl based on the Colorjoy Kristi's Comfort Wrap


Larjmarj said...

I just joined the OT group on Ravelry!! I'm in the metro Detroit area!

I'm about to start a mobius cowl in Malabrigo, haven't worked with it yet but it looks yummy.

Meg said...

Malabrigo is so yummy! Love your wristwarmers. BTW, I was just in Busy Hands the other day and they have Malabrigo worsted and chunky for Yarn of the Month - $7 per skein, if I remember right. There's not much worsted in stock right now because their shipment is sitting in customs, but they told me it would also be on special next month.