Thursday, September 20, 2007

Otterwise Knit Tip of the Day - Dorky Knit Bag

I would take a photo of this but I am on 'chair-rest' for the day (a bad tea-sorting session yesterday, long story).
ANyway, since I need my hands for the wheelchair I devised a handy dandy portable knit-caddy.
Take a zip top plastic bag of sufficient size to hold yarn, project and double pointed or small circular needles (I suggest a sock, or dishcloth rather than a tri-color fair isle stranded cardigan).

Put a small hole in one side, about 1/2 inch below where the bag zips. A smallish hole, it will stretch.

Use this hole to button the open bag on one of your shirt buttons (oh, I forgot to mention you need a shirt with a button or more on the front.) I usually use the button closest to my boobs, or slightly lower. If you don't have boobs, any button will do. With boobs, if you button too low it makes things awkward (can't see into the bag).

Put your yarn in the bag, and knit away. When you need your hands, put project and needles into the bag, and wheel away. Great for doctor's offices, particularly for those of us with more belly than lap.
Yes, this looks dorky, but I much prefer it to bags on the floor that are hard to reach.

Here is a gratuitous photo, again, just to pretty up the blog. (A stump from up north)

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Marietta said...

Love that photo Diana!
The knit bag is a great you just need to come teach me to knit! LOL