Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nice Day

I started today by meeting my youngest brother for brunch. We hadn't seen each other for at least a year, and I had a very good time :-}
He is also interested in writing so I loaned him some of my books, and brought my lap top to show him my WritewayPro program. Afterward I went grocery shopping, and drove home. I know it doesn't sound very exciting, but its a big deal to me, as I am still getting used to the hand controls.
I realized today I am much more comfortable asking for and accepting help in that environment. On this visit I asked a passerby to reach down some half-and-half (top shelf behind huge doors, which made it hard to get the cart close enough). I also accepted the help of one of the cart guys when he offered to load the groceries into the van. I made certain to warn him about placing a bag on the buttons controlling the side door. On one occasion, a bag slipped and caused the side door to open wide while I was driving. Pretty scary for the other drivers on the road, I bet.

When I got home, I had a package waiting for me, enclosed was a lovely thank you note and a lovely turquoise and purple hand-dyed shawl Lynn picked up in Chicago for me. Oh wow... It is so beautiful! I'll have Oscar take a picture of me wearing it on Monday :-}

Now that I'm rested from my shopping, I am working on a final prototype for Lynn's newest pattern. Again, no pictures, but it's Freaking GORGEOUS!!! It will be a great introduction to stranded colorwork, fun to knit, and the resulting item is very, very cool. She'll be teaching the pattern at Rae's next week, so if you are in the Lansing area, you may want to sign up before the class fills. Rae will have a sample in her Frandor store to show soon.

I am almost done reading a difficult book to review. I have been making notes as I read so the final review won't take long at all. The other two books are both shorter, and solidly within genres I like, so I can whip them out quickly as well.
I have 4 more contest entries to judge. They are due by the 14th. I will work on them tomorrow after a good night's sleep and a full cup of coffee.

Monday I travel to see three old an dear friends. We met in the early '80s, and haven't seen each other for a very long time. I am SO looking forward to it!

Life is good.

(image is of a bedewed mallow blossom in my garden a few years ago)

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momtroll said...

Family is SO important, I am glad you were able to hook up with your brother. The blossoms are wonderful. I know you will enjoy them for a good while. I have just plated mums, iris and hosta that a friend gave me. I am looking forward to their blooms next year.