Monday, September 10, 2007

Epic Journey

Today Oscar and I will be time traveling. Well, I am anyway. We are driving to Battle Creek, a town about 2 hours from here, and about 20 years into my past.
I don't often travel far, the jarring of the car for so long, combined with sitting upright with my feet down causes repercussions that take up to a week to subside, but sometimes it's the best choice.
We travel almost that far to see my family a few times a year, the same for Oscar's family, and those connections are important enough that I am more than willing to do so.
This time I am traveling to see friends that are like family to me, even though its been years since I've seen them.
Two of them are fighting serious, life threatening illness. A third friend from the same group fought her battle, and died before I even knew she had cancer. I am going to Battle Creek for many reasons, but most of all to spend time with them while I can.
The two friends have never met each other, so it will be a two-visit trip.
The first friend I would describe as a down-to-earth fairy with a deep mischievous chuckle. Interesting things happen wherever she lives. Despite life giving her more challenges than most, she managed to raise two fine children to responsible adulthood, and always keep her sense of humor, and her faith.
The second friend has been a mover and shaker wherever she's lived. She has been involved in her community, and helps spearhead changes, and keep causes in the forefront of those who can help implement the changes. All without being preachy or judgmental. She has a gift for helping you see the other side of an argument, without you feeling like she's forcing you to abandon your own beliefs. She has a heart as big as anyone I've ever met, and is always interested in the lives of those she knows. She has a huge capacity for love, and giving, and the common sense savvy to provide advice that has helped countless people through the years. She has a similar laugh to my first friend, come to think of it.
She is inviting another old friend to have dinner with us, one of the first otter-loving folk I ever met.
I know this day will be a special one, and I am very grateful for Oscar. He is the one making certain it can happen for us.

(image is an old photo, taken during the time I lived in Battle Creek, and went to MadDog meetings every Tuesday)

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Lynx said...

um, sis, I hate to correct you, but the photo is when you lived in East Lansing and went to Moo U... your senior picture, as it were...
I have some from the Battle Creek days, too, if you want! Don't have any from Bronson days, but should have one somewhere from Japan days. None from California, though... what's up with THAT? Even have a couple from Indiana days, do you want me to crop Jenny out of them?
Ah, the power of old friends to retain old photos!