Friday, August 24, 2007

Most-used knitting pattern

As I was working on a gift for a friend, I realized that the pattern I was using, the Colorjoy 'Kristi's Comfort Wrap' was the pattern I had knitted more than any other.
I am not certain how many of these I've done, but it's more than ten, and not far from twenty.

Some have been for shop samples, and one was for me, but the vast majority have been for people whom I wished to hug, but could not. My arms just don't reach as far as my heart does.

As I knit them, my love and thoughts for their new owner go into every stitch. I believe in magic, you see. Especially that the love you put into something can be felt by others.

Here is a photo of the one finished yesterday, posed outside with the hibiscus bush.


momtroll said...

What a lovely wrap. Of course I like the colors. I am so happy you are enjoying knitting. The folks that receive them love them, I am sure.

Lynx said...

Which is prettier, the wrap or the flower?
well, the wrap won't grow thorns... do hibiscus have thorns? I am so purple-thumbed it is beyond belief; at least I can grow mullein!