Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!

I started writing again on Sunday.
It's going pretty well, I'm on target so far.
Looking at it as a regular job, I feel more able to focus on the next task needed, less scattered by other tasks.
Sundays and Mondays are lighter days as far as writing is concerned, as Oscar is home. Tuesday is a transition day, used to work back into the solid writing days of Wednesday through Saturday.
So far I have created two book documents in Write Way Pro and brought in work done on those two books previously. I've also set up some of the characterization files for the two books.
The first book is one I will write someday, but feels like too huge a task until I have more experience. (It's set in modern Scotland, and will require quite a bit of research to 'feel' right.)
The second book is much closer to home, and I can focus on getting the story written down without the added threads of a foreign (to me) setting.

I am recovering from a tough couple of days. Wonderful days, but taxing.
Saturday I cleaned and cleared a trouble spot in the living room that had been bothering me a long time. I had been clearing away a few things at a time, but Saturday I really pushed hard and completed it. I had intended to rest afterward, but then the dog badly needed a bath.. REALLY badly.. so I did that too. Pushed too far.
Sunday I rested until we went out to eat with our friend Chris. I hadn't seen him for many months, and we wound up talking much longer than we'd planned. Another long time spent upright, which messed with my abdomen and ankle.
Monday was a wonderful day, but again, very taxing.
We went to Lansing to celebrate Liz's birthday and our 6th wedding anniversary. Liz is terrific, I always enjoy spending time with her. We had a lovely late lunch/early dinner at a Mongolian barbeque place, then I spent more time in Rae's yarn boutique, and then even more time at Liz's house talking with her and Fred. Again, wonderful wonderful time, but hard physically.
By the time I got home, I was paying for the three day 'spoon spending' spree.
Today I feel 7 on a scale of 10 regarding capability, which is better than I expected. One solid day spent writing and knitting with my feet up and reclining should put me right. I did do a little housework (loading the dishwasher, etc) but mostly I'm taking things easy. I want to rest up for our private wedding anniversary celebration tomorrow :-}

I am knitting up a storm, testing a new pattern from Lynn.. no details, just that it will be GORGEOUS! And Lynn bought me Cat Bordhi's new book as a thank you, so I am drooling over it, deciding which pattern to try out first. If you have an interest in knitting.. go snap up a copy. It will be in high demand!

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momtroll said...

Thank you for the lovely comments about me. I love to see both of you and it seems such a short time that I get to see you two. It was wonderful.
I am working on my books, too. It really takes time. I have been breaking it up with my list of things to do so I do not get "sitteritis"! Best wishes on your writing.