Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stretching my Wings

I am doing a few new-to-me things this month.
I am trying different patterns of writing, to find which works best most often.
I am knitting my first ever charted lace project (more on that later).
I joined a group of women artists online.
I submitted a knitting pattern for publication (for pay) and had it accepted (YAY!)
I decided to get a DBA and start being an official business person. (note to self, get forms notarized on Monday)

Re: the charted lace pattern. I am making the Ogee Lace Skirt designed by Gryphon Perkins from the Summer 2007 interweave Knits magazine. When my inexperience caused difficulties, I wrote to both Gryphon and the magazine, and received extremely helpful and quick responses from both.
I am using 'Safari' by GGH. It's a suede-to-the-touch fiber of linen wrapped around a nylon core. I chose two colorways, one in blue-purple, the other in green-blue, and am knitting them together as if one strand.
It is quite challenging to knit lace with it, but I am LOVING the results. The slight stiffness of the strands of fiber make the results almost sculptural, and the linen feels so velvety....
I will post an image of it when I am done.

Image is of green lace from the garden. (close up of Monks Hood {aconite} foliage)


ColorJoy LynnH said...

You go, Grrrl! Pushing and growing is powerful, alternating scary and elated emotions when I do it myself.

Must be warm weather is growing you as well as the monks hood.

Ysabeau said...

You really are stretching and growing in so many ways. Be proud of yourself, you deserve it! B*B, Ysabeau