Thursday, April 19, 2007

Life is good!

I'm writing, a bit at a time but the bits are all fitting together. I've started finding the pieces more easily and I hope to have a small ms finished soon!
All the people I've been editing for TOTALLY understood my boundaries and we are all still pals, which is great :-}
Spring has FINALLY arrived (Canada it won't be long for you folks now!) and I'm spending time outside which feels glorious after the 6 months of mostly crappy weather.
I found a terrific site which plays nature sounds I can mix myself, so if the neighborhood becomes obnoxiously noisy I can plug the headphones into the laptop and keep on writing.

Sounds last summer included the normal noisy kids on the sidewalk, some kids over the fence with a very popular trampoline, and a very LOUD very GRUNGY garage band. Actually, by the end of last summer the band was pretty good and I enjoyed listening when I wasn't writing. But I'm very happy to have the headphones.

I've tried writing to music with and without words but it seems too distracting during rough draft stage anyway. The Ocean with a few birds seems just right :-}
(warning, if you try the site, the babbling brook seems to make me want to pee all the time)

(image is of a quilt I made a while back. Since stopping ebay, I have high hopes that I might have a craft center set up by the end of the summer, and be able to make quilts again (and art collage, and beading and all sorts of stuff)

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