Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Long Time No Laptop

*happy sigh*
I have a lap top again.
The hard drive crashed, and since I cant use the dek top more than a few minutes a session my computer time was harshly curtailed.
I had just comitted to joining some writer buds for a March session of our own NaNoWriMo (writing 50,000 words, a small novel, in 30 days) and the very next morning my laptop died.
Still, thanks to Oscar, it lives again, and I am back, and not taking it for granted.
My first session of writing today garnered almost enough to meet the daily quota. I'll have another session this afternoon, and probably a third this evening.
Why am I doing this?
Because one of my biggest problems is my 'internal editor'. I am going along wonderfully on a good storyline, and suddenly stop dead, and feel unable to start again until I make a decision on a plot point, or spend time researching some obscure fact, or rearrange the first 5 pages until I am happy with them. NOT good for me. Some writers edit as they go, but since I can be indecisive at best of times, starting to edit instead of just write can mean the story goes on the back burner for months. Even when I start with a great outline and full character sketches, I start worrying about which path is best, and lay the story aside.
The main reason for me trying to get those 50,000 words written is to prove to myself that I can write something, however crappy on first reading, that is long enough for publication. That has a beginning, middle and end that I can later wrestle into something I want others to read.
All editing will wait until the second draft. I want to leave room for the story to bloom on its own, and not try to control its path until after it's all out there on the screen.
The very speed and sheer volume of the daily word count required to meet my goal is meant to discourage pauses for editing. I have a terrific imagination, this exercise of writing as fast as I can will help teach me to trust it, I hope. And what better time than spring?
(image: black tulip, photo meant to contrast the sharp/hard/focus on the rock, against the soft silky tulip)

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Lynx said...

cool photo!
and you have an AWESOME imagination, young lady!!! Who else but DiMi/DiTro could write an epic poem about Sweet Geraldine, who was a beautiful sight with the dome of her skull shining bright in the light!?!
Yes, I still remember. and still want the rest of the poem... someday....