Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Connections and reconnections

Winter is a very isolating time for me. This can be good or bad, or indifferent for that matter. This winter it felt pretty bad. I was just learning how to pilot my van with hand controls when Winter lay down ice and snow making driving dangerous. Then Spring has been long in coming. I'm waiting for a good dry day when Oscar can take me to an empty parking lot and help me get those reflexes back in practice. Depending on whether I pull down or push out, I either slam on the brakes or accelerate sharply. I needn't tell you its important to remember which is which when driving in traffic!

Even getting out into the yard has been difficult, I needed steady footing to be safe. Today I went out for quite a long time. I walked as far as I could, dragging my gardening wagon behind me. Whenever I needed to stop, I could sit on its handy lid, then go on when my ankle was better. I saw some lovely signs of crocus blooming, and tulip and daffodil noses. I do love my garden :-}

I spoke for a long time with a friend about a new love in her life. It was the first time we've connected in a long while, and it was lovely to hear the joy in her voice.

Right after, I returned a missed call and spoke for a long time with an old friend, who had just lost a beloved. She and I speak often, but don't see each other as often as we like even though we live in the same town. When I can drive again, I plan to kidnap her and take her to lunch. I was very sorry for her loss, but glad she knew she could call me to talk about him, and what a wonderful quirky guy he was. We also spoke of her work. She is a marvelously imaginative writer. Her stories have heart and I am blessed she asks me for advice and critique. It's one of the favorite parts of my life to talk to her about her creations.

Other connections are being made on the writing front. I'm involved with the RWAOnline chapter and contributing when and where I can. Today two new connections were made in that arena. I feel wonderful about it. I love writing, and I love the connections with other writers the group provides.

(image is of signs of spring from my family's land in Gaylord, Michigan taken a number of years ago)

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