Friday, February 23, 2007

A little blue, a little mohair, and some seminal socks

I feel sorta grumpy lately. Between the flu and the weather, I haven't driven anywhere for a very long time, and in fact have only left the house 3 times in the past 6 weeks.
The van's battery is dead, but that can be resurrected on Monday.
I wrote quite a bit yesterday, but when I woke up this morning, it seemed like dreck, totally illogical, and more of a horror story than a love story, so I put it aside for today and started to knit. Oscar is being very supportive of my writing, and I will keep trying, but I think I need a day away.
I finished Lynnie's shawl yesterday, and started making a very fluffy triangular shawl out of some mohair.
Very fluffy. I look like a purple-blue-black werewolf in mid-change when I wear it. It's in my dresser drawer right now, but it may end up being sent to Pine Ridge for an elder. It is very light weight, but warm, and may feel good to old bones.

So, to cheer myself up I've begun a pair of socks from some lovley blue/purple/red koigu yarn Lynn gave me. making socks for myself makes me feel pampered :-}

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Ysabeau said...

So, are you going to post a picture of the fuzzy shawl? I love seeing what you make, and your use of color is marvelous. B*B, Ysabeau