Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sherri's Shawl and Wolfheart designs

I finished a shawl for Sherri's Birthday. It is soft and luscious and I think she likes it.
I've also included images of her jewelry, she is the creatrix of Wolfheart designs.
She carves her pieces from various woods and in the case of the pendants, strings them with semiprecious stones (in this case, amber). I think one of her favorite woods is lignam with its living patina and spicy scent.
She also carves some of the most magical wands I've ever encountered. If anyone is interested in buying some of her one-of-a-kind beauties, just let me know and I'll give her your email address! The pendant is a design incorporating a howling wolf and wolf paw print. Beautiful.


Jan Conwell said...

Beautiful! Both the shawl and the jewelry. And the lady. :~)

Sharon said...

Oh Diana, that's a beautiful shawl. It looks so warm and inviting. The colors are soothing, and it looks so soft. Everything a shawl should be. :)

Diana Troldahl said...

Thanks! Its one of lynn's patterns, still in progress. The yarn is mostly alpaca.. soft and scoooshy :-}